The Vision of the Buda VFW Post 12161

The Buda VFW Post 12161 and the Central Texas Veterans Center should be a place where veterans and their families always feel welcome. The post should be more than just a building to attend meetings at. Veterans and their families need a place and a group that understands their issues, which stem from military service. The post and facility should be warm and welcoming to all who enter our doors. We, as veterans and members of the VFW, have been afforded an opportunity and a responsibility of welcoming our fellow veterans, their families and our fellow citizens into our home. Each member of our organization is charged with welcoming all visitors and offering a warm hello and assistance.

Comrades, we also need to ensure we each live up to the charge we all recite at the opening of our meetings, be the guiding principle on how we interact with each other, other veterans and work as a team toward our common goals. That is " Do not let petty jealousies or trivial personalities influence our deliberations". Only as a team, will we succeed.

Many veterans and organizations have stepped up and performed many key functions around the Central Texas Veterans Center - our home. We need to encourage all our members and our partner veteran organizations, to step up and volunteer, wherever we see an opportunity to support each other and our Post. Each member should be encouraged to use their talents, skills and experience in roles that they can succeed in. Only as a cohesive team, can we ever reach our goals. Examples include: the museum, the benevolent outreach, information technology, planning fundraisers, the Poppy donations, color guard, honor guard and a host of other activities.

Likewise, we should all understand that the military of today, is not that of our fathers and grandfathers. This change in the military, presents a challenge and opportunity for the VFW, not an obstacle. Today's military is made up of a significant number of women and other minority groups. Regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity or any other factor, they all served in the US military and are our comrades in arms. We should welcome and accept all qualified veterans and encourage them to make this their home. As we were in the military - WE ARE ALL Olive Drab.

As a modern post, we need to be actively involved in our local communities and provide the services and programs that all of our members need and want. Only in this way, can we recruit younger veterans and their families --- into our family. We must also remember to preserve the legacy of our older generation of members and not leave them behind. We should be a post that honors and includes veterans from all generations.

01 October 2019